Tradition and quality of lifelong neighborhood markets

Tradition and quality of lifelong neighborhood markets

What do we take into account when buying

The Mercat de Santa Caterina is an emblematic market located, like the Cuina Canela Fina facilities, in the La Ribera neighborhood. Yes, right in the heart of Barcelona.

This market is known for its modern and colorful architectural design, which contrasts with the Gothic architecture of the neighboring El Born neighborhood. At the same time, it is famous for its wide variety of fresh and quality products.

The market stalls offer a large selection of fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, cheeses, sausages and gourmet products, both local and international. In addition, the market houses several bars and restaurants where you can taste traditional dishes and delicious tapas.

Bet on the local economy

At Cuina Canela Fina it is of vital importance to us to buy in the neighborhood market. Since it offers us a wide variety of fresh and high quality products.

When shopping at the Mercat de Santa Caterina, we have the opportunity to purchase food and products directly from local producers or nearby suppliers. Which means that the products have not had to go through long transport processes, thus preserving their freshness and flavor.

This helps boost the local economy and keep the region’s culinary traditions and knowledge alive. And it is that, by choosing local products, we contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainable production practices.

Work with fresh and seasonal products

Apart from working with fresh, high-quality products, at Cuina Canela Fina we like to highlight the use of seasonal products. Since it is one of the best approaches to ensure quality and variety among them.

Seasonal products are harvested at the optimum moment of maturity and are at their peak of flavor. That is why, by buying seasonal ingredients, we can offer our customers dishes with a more intense and authentic flavor, which translates into a higher quality culinary experience.


Sustainability and environmental protection

By avoiding the importation of products out of season, we avoid the overexploitation of resources and promote more sustainable agricultural practices. Thus, there is no doubt that the use of seasonal products for our preparations are an excellent option.

These offer a wide variety of ingredients throughout the year, giving us the opportunity to experiment and be creative with your menu. Because? Well, because each season brings with it a unique range of fruits, vegetables, fish and shellfish that we can incorporate into your dishes.

By taking advantage of this seasonal diversity, we offer our customers fresh and exciting options, adapting your menu to changing tastes and keeping your entire team curious.

Promote creativity in the kitchen

In summary, buying seasonal products for Cuina Canela Fina is one of the smartest and most beneficial choices we have made in many ways.

In addition to offering tastier and higher quality dishes, it also allows us to save costs, contribute to sustainability and promote creativity in your menu.

Taking advantage of seasonal ingredients is one way we differentiate ourselves in the industry and meet the changing demands of our customers. So, the next time you plan your teambuilding, remember the many benefits of choosing fresh and seasonal products.

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